List of Approved/Accredited JAMB CBT Centres In 36 State Of Nigeria [Addresses, Location & Contacts] For 2024/2025 UTME And Direct Entry Registration

Latest Update On JAMB CBT Centres 2024: This page will discuss about the complete list of accredited/approved JAMB CBT Centres Nationwide for 2024/2025 UTME and Direct Entry registration.

Are you Searching for the list of JAMB registration centres or JAMB CBT accredited/approved centres in the 36 states of Nigeria? Or you want to perform actions that can only be carried out by JAMB accredited centres? If yes! Then you are on the right page. Continue reading for the list of CBT centres approved by The Joint Admissions and Matriculation Board (JAMB) in Nigeria:

The Joint Admission and Matriculation Board (JAMB) has officially released the list of approved and accredited JAMB CBT Centres for the 2024/2025 Unified Tertiary Matriculation Examination (UTME) and Direct Entry (DE) Registration.

If you are interested in knowing the list of JAMB CBT centres in each state in Nigeria where you can buy and register JAMB form then this web-page will be very useful to you.

list of JAMB CBT centres

Prospective candidates are to note that UTME/DE registration can only be done at accredited centres nationwide. Do not use a Cyber cafe!

During last year some jamb registration, some candidates were defrauded of their hard earned money because they were not aware of accredited CBT Centers in their states.

In order to avoid falling into the hands of fraudsters who claim to be JAMB agents for 2024, below is the list of accredited JAMB registration centres in Nigeria.

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JAMB CBT Centers in 36 States of Nigeria Approved for UTME/DE Registration

List of Jamb accredited centres recommended for 2024 UTME/Direct Entry registration

We are doing this to help students to easily have access to the approved centers in their environment, we know that fake centers looking to defraud candidates will spring up, hence, we aim to help guide candidates who want to register for the Jamb Examination to choose only approved and accredited centers.

Click on the link representing your state below to access the approved JAMB CBT centres:

JAMB CBT Centres in Abia State

JAMB CBT Centres in Adamawa State

JAMB CBT Centres in Akwa Ibom State

JAMB CBT Centres in Anambra State

JAMB CBT Centres in Bauchi State

JAMB CBT Centres in Bayelsa State

JAMB CBT Centres in Benue State

JAMB CBT Centres in Borno State

JAMB CBT Centres in Cross River State

JAMB CBT Centres in Delta State

JAMB CBT Centres in Ebonyi State

JAMB CBT Centres in Edo State

JAMB CBT Centres in Ekiti State

JAMB CBT Centres in Enugu State

JAMB CBT Centres in Federal Capital Territory (FCT) Abuja

JAMB CBT Centres in Gombe State

JAMB CBT Centres in Imo State

JAMB CBT Centres in Jigawa State

JAMB CBT Centres in Kaduna State

JAMB CBT Centres in Kano State

JAMB CBT Centres in Katsina State

JAMB CBT Centres in Kebbi State

JAMB CBT Centres in Kogi State

JAMB CBT Centres in Kwara State

JAMB CBT Centres in Lagos State

JAMB CBT Centres in Nasarawa State

JAMB CBT Centres in Niger State

JAMB CBT Centres in Ogun State

JAMB CBT Centres in Ondo State

JAMB CBT Centres in Osun State

JAMB CBT Centres in Oyo State

JAMB CBT Centres in Plateau State

JAMB CBT Centres in Rivers State

JAMB CBT Centres in Sokoto State

JAMB CBT Centres in Taraba State

JAMB Centres in Yobe State

JAMB Centres in Zamfara State

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DO you want to own a CBT centre?

have you been searching online for JAMB CBT Centre requirements?, then you can get all of that below.

JAMB has set special requirements for CBT centers. So what are the JAMB CBT requirements? In this article, you can find out everything about strict guidelines that all JAMB CBT centers should follow.

JAMB Computer Based Test (CBT) Centre Requirements

  1. There should be a total of 250 functional laptops or computer systems in the CBT center. In case anything goes wrong with the machinery, there should be exactly 10% backups, which is 25 in this case.
  2. Every student who is passing the computer test should be provided with individual cubicles. It should be 26 inches long, 18 inches broad and 18 inches high.
  3. The monitor’s screen should be at least 15 inches for the computer and 17 for the laptop. All the computer systems have to be connected to a server which is capable of carrying 250 systems simultaneously – the students would not want to lose their hard work in the middle of the test due to a system crash.
  4. Apart from that, all the systems need to be linked together with Cable LAN. The wireless connection is not suitable.
  5. There should be at least five technical workers and one networking engineer. The backup power supply in case anything goes wrong should be available, which means there has to be a set of power generator of at least 40 kva, that would be able to supply 250 computer systems.
  6. The center has to be fenced well. It is forbidden to hold a CBT test in the shared buildings such as shopping malls, markets, cinema halls and other similar ones. For the comfort of students, there has to be functional air-conditioning and good lighting.
  7. Speaking of the computer system, the Windows version should be up to date, meaning that there should be at least Windows 7 on the test computers. Also, it should be noted by the CBT centers that all the computers should have antivirus programs installed, and the systems have to be cleared from the viruses.
  8. The room where the students will be passing their examination should be able to handle monitoring. There should be a prescribed CCTV network that includes IP cameras which serve for monitoring.
  9. As the students are no longer allowed to bring their wristwatches to the exam with them in order to make it as independent as possible, the room where they will be passing exams should also be equipped with a significant number of wall clocks.
  10. These wall clocks have to be visible to all the students so they can track time. All the CBT centres have to download the application form with the requirements for holding the test, fill it in, and submit to the nearest JAMB office of the location state. Also, the cables in the centre have to be covered: exposed ones are forbidden for the safety of students.
  11. The centers should be maintained for the whole year, and not working only during the examination season. JAMB centre has a custom browser, which has to be downloaded and installed on every computer in the examination room before the test.
  12. It can be found at the official website of JAMB, which is Every centre has to register three official people who will be inspecting and examining the room during the course of a test.
  13. After the inspection of the CBT centre and it has been given the proper accreditation, the centre should be following the regulations:
  • The compulsory download of the custom browser from JAMB website mentioned above. It should be done for all the computer systems in the centre, without exclusions.
  • The area of examination, which is the rooms and halls, has to be covered properly by the signal jammer. If there are rooms that are not covered by it, it should be fixed before the exam time comes.
  • The centre without a stable Airtel/MTN connection is not allowed to be used for examination.
  • During the test, no one should enter the CBT centre with the following items: any kind of pen/biro, electronic devices, and wrist watches.
  • During the examination, the signals from the outside have to be restricted with the help of signal jammer.

What is JAMB CCTV system

This system has to be established in every CBT centre for better security during the examination. The reasons why JAMB requires installation of the CCTV cameras in every centre are the following:

JAMB CCTV Camera system

  1. Recording of any activities in the centre and outside it during the test.
  2. Remote viewing of the activities.
  3. Ability to store the recordings for longer than one month.
  4. Live access to the centre for remote viewing by JAMB board.
  • Every centre is required to install a digital video recorder and a camera. They have to possess a user manual on these devices.
  • There is a more detailed specification of a video recorder and camera requirements, which you can look up on the official JAMB website. Apart from that, there are also official requirements for power specification and CCTV system installation.
  • The cameras have to cover the entrance and exit doors, examination rooms, external building, biometric verification area, the lobby, and server room. Also, all the technical supplies have to be supported by the professional CCTV engineer, who has to report any loss of video to the installer.

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