JAMB Recommended Textbooks For Literature In English 2024/2025

Latest update on JAMB Recommended Textbooks For Literature In English 2024: This page will discuss about the literature in english joint admissions and Matriculation Board (JAMB) recommended textbooks for 2024/2025 UTME/Direct Entry Examination.

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JAMB Recommended Textbooks For Literature In English UTME/Direct Entry Examinations.


  1. African:
    • Wole Soyinka: The Lion and the Jewel
  2.  Non-African:
    • John Osborne: Look Back in Anger


  1. African:
    • Alex Agyei-Agyir: Unexpected Joy at Dawn
    •  Buchi Emecheta: Second Class Citizen
  2.  Non-African:
    • Emily Bronte: Wuthering Heights.


  1. African:
    • Leopold Sedar Senghor: Black Woman
    •  Niyi Osundare: The Leader and the Led
    •  Agostinho Neto: The Grieved
    •  Oumar Farouk Sesay: The Song of the Women of my Land
    •  Lade Wosornu: Raider of the Treasure Trove
    •  Onu Chibuike: A Government Driver on his Retirement
  2.  Non-African:
    • John Donne: The Good Morrow
    • Maya Angelou: Caged Bird
    • S. Elliot: The Journey of the Magi
    • H Lawrence: Bats


  • Obafemi, O. and Agoi (eds) Of shadows and Rainbows –Musings in Times of Covid (An Anthology of poems, plays and short stories) PEN Nigeria, Online
  • Hayward, J. (ed.) (1968) The Penguin Book of English Verse, London Penguin
  • Johnson, R.,Ker, D, Maduka,C. Obafemi,O (eds.) (1996) New Poetry from Africa, Ibadan: UP Plc
  • Kermode, F. (1964) Oxford Anthology of English Literature, Vol. II, London: OUP
  • Nduke Ofiono and Odoh Diego Okenyodo (eds) Camouflage; Best of contemporary writing from Nigeria, an anthology of new Nigerian writers, mace books association, 2021, New
  • Parker, E.W. (ed.) (1980) A Peagent of Longer Poems London: Longman
  • Senanu, K. E. and Vincent, T. (eds.) (1993) A Selection of African Poetry, Lagos: Longman
  • Soyinka, W. (ed.) (1987) Poems of Black Africa, Ibadan: Heinemann


  • Abrams, M. H. (1981) A Glossary of Literary Terms, (4th Edition) New York, Holt Rinehalt and Winston
  • Emeaba, O. E. (1982) A Dictionary of Literature, Aba:  Inteks Press
  • Murphy, M. J. (1972) Understanding Unseen, An Introduction to English Poetry and English Novel for Overseas Students, George Allen and Unwin Ltd.

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