Noun Graduation List For 2023/2024 Session [Updated]

See the updated Noun Graduation List For 2023/2024 Academic Session.

The National Open University of Nigeria has released the 2023/2024 academic session Graduation List for the 13th Convocation Ceremony.

These National Open University of Nigeria Graduation list consist of Faculty of Science, Faculty of Social Sciences, Faculty of Agricultural Sciences, Faculty of Health Sciences, Faculty of Management Sciences, Faculty of Education and Faculty of LAW First Batch Graduation List.

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Noun Graduation List For 2019/2020 Academic Session


NOUN 13th Convocation Graduation List for 2024 has been released and uploaded online.

However you are advised to check your Study Centers for New or Additional Graduation Lists form time to time before the actual date.

New Noun Graduation List Approved For 2024 Convocation

Follow The Link Below To Download NOUN GRADUATION LIST APPROVED FOR THE 13th CONVOCATION Free PDF File (Note: You will however need a device that is capable of opening PDF files to access the list).


Download (PDF, 202KB)


Download (PDF, 390KB)


Download (PDF, 583KB)


Download (PDF, 2.2MB)


Download (PDF, 209KB)

N/B: All Graduates whose names where shortlisted in the list are advised to proceed with the Graduation Clearance immediately.

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Students whose names has appeared on the graduands/convocation list should check their portals.

If you have negative balance in your portal, kindly report to Principal Accountant of your study centre for reconciliation

NOTE: Students with negative balance in their portal will NOT be cleared for convocation/certificate collection.

Why Your Name is not on the NOUN Graduation list

  • You have Pending/Outstanding Courses.
  • You have not met the required credit units assigned to your chosen program.
  • You didn’t earn up to the required CGPA to be award a university degree.
  • You were involved in illegal activity.
  • Your name was moved to the next graduating students after being reached the desired amount of students for 2019 convocation.

What To Do IF Name Not in the NOUN List of Graduating Students

Go to your study centre to know what’s wrong and how to fix it (if at all you have one) to stand a better chance for you to see your name in the Next convocation batch.

For Errors and Complaints about the Released Noun Graduation List

  • Graduands with initials in their name(s): They are to provide their in full because Graduands with initials will not get a certificate
  • Graduands with Four (4) names: They are to provide their preferred three (3) names because Graduands with four names will not get a certificate
  • Graduands with wrongly captured name (s): They are to provide their correct name (s).
  • Graduands with wrongly captured matriculation number: They are to provide their correct matriculation number.
  • Graduands with wrongly captured study centre: They are to provide their correct study centre.

Please note that all collated corrections are to be submitted at

How to Quickly Find your Name on the NOUN Graduation List

For PC’s/ Computer Users

1. Click on the provided download button to take you to the PDF Viewer webpage

  • The button will download the list automatically on smartphones (Mobile devices)

2. On your computer keyboard, press the “CTRL + F” control and f

to bring up the search button

3. In the provided search space, type in your noun matriculation number or Your surname and first name

  • Searching with your matric number is faster since no student shares the same number with you.

4. Use the two arrows to move either up or down if name doesn’t appear

  • Though by hitting the enter key on your computer keyboard takes you to the next search result.

For Mobile / Smartphone Users

The PDF Viewer Apps already has the search button on hover and scroll. So, just follow step 2 – 4 used above when finding your name in the noun graduation list.

We advise you to bookmark this page and always check here for more NOUN graduation list yet to be released

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