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Open Letter To NOUN VC: Why TMA Should Be Re-Opened

See why Noun TMA Should Be Re-opened. Dear Vice Chancellor, First and foremost, I want to use this medium to appreciate what you and your management team are doing in repositioning, restructuring and rebuilding the image of our great institution. Your effort and strive for excellence are already yielding positive results, especially in the recent assent […]

MTH 241 Past Questions/Answers

FBQ1: A convergent sequence has only ________________ limit(s) Answer: One FBQ2: If a sequence {Xn} is convergent then it is________________ Answer: Bounded FBQ3: A sequence {(-1)n} is__________________________ FBQ5: The sequence converges to ________________ Answer: Bounded FBQ4: A sequence is ________________ Answer: convergent Answer: 0.5 FBQ7: Every Cauchy sequence is ________________. FBQ6: is ________________  Answer: 0.5 […]