Remote Learning Tools For The Professional Students Of The World

META: Take a look at our top picks for remote learning opportunities.

Some people are never satisfied with learning just one thing. Though some people can go through university once, there are others who have inquisitive minds and are determined to keep learning as much as they possibly can.

The capabilities of fulfilling more and more tasks and roles remotely have increased drastically in recent decades. Traditionally in-person things are now accomplished digitally. For example, one of the most notable in-person activities one can do is go to a casino. Nowadays, online casino has fundamentally challenged and redefined what is expected of a ‘casino’ and what is expected of a ‘land-based casino’. Online casinos’ playstyle is inherently faster, because casino games at William Hill, for instance, are loaded and reloaded faster, and all the onus is on one player. However, ‘live casino’ has sought to bring ‘land-based’ and ‘online’ closer, allowing gamers to play blackjack while socialising with and being entertained by a real-life table dealer. All this goes to show how the digital has reimagined the physical, the land-based.

Online learning, then, serves as one more area which has been revolutionised by the digital. Whether you want to learn how to pick up some introductory phrases in a new language or keep up to date with current affairs, there are plenty of places where you can expand your knowledge. After all, there is so much about this world of ours to learn, it only makes sense to pursue learning whenever and wherever we have the chance to do so.

If that sounds appealing to you, you’re in luck. There are loads of places you can gain and build new skills on the internet. Take a look at our top picks for remote learning opportunities


LinkedIn Learning

It only makes sense that the platform for business networking, the social media platform married with a CV, would offer courses on how to build that CV and brag to peers. If you fancy yourself an entrepreneur, you will love LinkedIn’s courses that are separated into the three simple categories of “business”, “technology” and “creative”, all designed to get you ahead in your career.

Learn leadership skills or elevator pitches in the business category, data analysis and how to use Excel in technology, and marketing content and graphic design in creative.

Sign up for the subscription-based courses and have your achievements automatically added to your LinkedIn profile for all your peers to see.


MasterClass is the choice for you if you are determined to learn the best from the best. MasterClass’ selling point is their roster of courses that are pre-recorded and taught by celebrities. Only the people at the very top of their field were chosen, which means you can learn storytelling from Margaret Atwood, cooking from Gordon Ramsey and design from Marc Jacobs.

This is a great choice for just some good entertainment. Even if you have no interest in becoming a songwriter, don’t you want to know what Christina Aguilera has to say about the concept?


Skillshare is the original remote learning platform, but it’s also the one that does everything else. Its subscription-based classes feature everything from crochet to mindfulness and come in more bite size courses so you can enjoy them in your own time.

To illustrate the wide range of courses, today’s top pick is “Afros, Curls, Braids and Edges: Illustrate Black Hair in Adobe Fresco”.

If you’re looking for something fun to do, or something you can add to a business to bring in new people, Skillshare is the place. Browsing their many courses you might see some familiar YouTubers names, like Lilly Singh and Marques Brownlee.

The Open University

Maybe you want to take your learning to the next level and get a degree out of it, or maybe you need a qualification in order to get that promotion you’ve wanted for so long. Then you need The Open University.

The Open University offers loads of courses on everything from engineering to art history. You can work as much or as little as you want, for as long or as quickly as you want, building modules that then combine into a degree. It’s a good option for someone who wants the validation of their hard work.

Build around the core modules of your chosen subject with modules from all over the range of courses available for varied skill sets.