BUK School Fees Schedule And Payment Procedure For New And Returning/Non-Nigerians Students | 2022/2023 Academic Session [Announced]

This page will discuss about the School fees of Bayero University, Kano popularly known as (BUK)

BUK School Fees: The school authorities of the Bayero University, Kano (BUK) has published the amount payable as school fees by the newly admitted and returning undergraduate students for the 2022/2023 academic session.

This is to inform the general public especially Bayero University Kano, BUK prospective Students to check amount payable as School Fees for 2022/2023 academic session.

Bayero University Kano (BUK) is a university situated in Kano, Kano State, Nigeria. It was founded in 1975, when it was renamed from Bayero University College and upgraded from university college to university. It is the first university in Kano State. The university offer various undergraduate and postgraduate programmes.

Bayero University, Kano BUK School Fees

Check out the BUK School Fees Schedule for the current academic session recently released by the Management of the institution.

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School fees is a fee charged to students at a school, college, university or other place of learning that is in addition to any matriculation and/or tuition fees. It may be charged to support student organizations and student activities (for which it can be called an activity fee) or for intercollegiate programs such as intramural sports or visiting academics; or, at a public university or college, as a means to remedy shortfalls in state funding (in which case it can often be called a technology fee). Further fees may then be charged for features and facilities such as insurance, health and parking provision.

How Much Is BUK School Fees?

The amounts to be paid as school fees by the new and returning undergraduate students of the Bayero University, Kano (BUK) for the 2022/2023 academic session have been announced.

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All New And Returning Students of Bayero University, Kano (BUK) are advise to confirm their School Fees for current academic session as listed below:

BUK School Fees Schedule For New and Returning/Non-Nigerians Students

A. ACCEPTANCE FEE: (to be paid by all new students prior to screening) – N10,000


  • Nigerians – Free
  • Non-Nigerians – in the Faculties/College of:
    • Arts & Islamic Studies; Social Sciences, Management Sciences – N200,000
    • Education and Law – N300,000
    • Agriculture, Communications, Computer Science and IT, Engineering, Earth and Environmental Science, Life Science, Physical Sciences, School of Continuing Education (SCE) – N400,000
    • College of Health Sciences including Pharmaceutical Sciences – N600,000

C. GENERAL REGISTRATION CHARGES (Payable by all Students):

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Buk school fees

NOTES (payment to be made at faculties/departments)

  1. The general registration fees have been consolidated
  2. Architecture students are to pay an additional N5,000 in the department for ARCON
  3. Geology students are to pay an additional N10,000 in the department for the practical field trip
  4. Pharmaceutical science students are to pay an additional N8,000 in the faculty for induction, laboratory manuals and consumables
  5. Chemistry and industrial chemistry students are to pay N800 for the laboratory manual and report book at the department.
  6. Medical laboratory science students are to pay an additional N6,250 for mobile laboratory material at the clinical laboratory logbook in the department
  7. Dentistry students are to pay an additional N15,000 in the faculty for consumables.
  8. Clinical science students are to pay an additional N10,000 in the faculty as peculiar charges.
  9. All students from faculties of basic medical sciences (L100.SO II), Allied health sciences (except medical laboratory sciences), clinical and dentistry (L100-300) and medical laboratory sciences (L100-L200) are to pay Bench fees of N2,000 to the faculty of basic medical sciences.

D. Hostel and hostel maintenance charges (to be paid by students allocated bed spaces in the university halls of residence) ……… N15,090 or N23,090 as the case may be.


  1. The fees in B and C are reflected in the students’ payment invoice and are not to be paid during the online registration exercise; while those in A and D (where applicable) are to be paid separately.
  2. All departmental or faculty association fees are paid centrally; all students are NOT TO PAY ANY CHARGES to any association

This purpose of this listed school fees above for the Bayero University, Kano is to assist you propose and budget your self, we’ve seen a lot of students who faced unplanned financial challenges while in school, majority of them even had to drop out in school because of financial problems.

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Bayero University Kano (BUK) School Fees Payment Procedure

Follow the payment steps/guidelines as outlined below:


Make sure you have;

1. Successfully authenticated your studentship

2. Login to your account

3. Update your profile

4. Generate/print your BUK Personalized Payment Form (BUKPPF). Registration fees are reflected on student’s BUKPPF, to be paid using Remita e-Payments and e-Collection platform.

5. Make sure you carefully read, understand and follow the payment procedure, as BUK will not be liable for any lost of funds as a result of incorrect data entry.

6. Students must make sure that they entered ALL the information of the BUKPPF EXACTLY. Students must also ensure that the following are captured exactly as they are written on their BUKPPF

  • Name of MDA
  • Name of Service/Purpose
  • Description
  • Amount to Pay (₦)
  • Registration No.
  • Payer’s Full Name
  • Payer’s Email
  • Payer’s Phone

Note that Payer (Payer’s Full Name, Payer’s Email, Payer’s Phone) means the student, so even if the student is not the one making the payment (payment by proxy) make sure to use the student information. Any misinformation may lead to unnecessary delay in validating and processing of payment.

Payments are usually validated and processed within 24/48 hours of making payment.


To commence your Bayero University Kano school fees, go to the Remita portal @ www.remita.net, You are required to select “Pay A Federal Government Agency” “Pay FGN and State TSA


You will be shown different state government and Federal government link. Select FGN: Federal government of Nigeria to pay


When you click on FGN: Federal Government of Nigeria, A form will pop up for you to fill as listed below;

  1. Name of MDA

  2. Name of Service/Purpose

  3. Amount to Pay (₦)

  4. Payer’s Full Name

  5. Payer’s Email

  6. Payer’s Phone


On the “Name of MDA” You should type in Baye and a drop down will be shown, make sure you see BAYERO UNIVERSITY, KANO – 1000129


After you must have selected the Name of MDA as BAYERO UNIVERSITY, KANO – 1000129, the next option is to select a drop down box for the Name of Service/Purpose.

Several Services/Purposes are in the drop down as shown below, make sure you select BBS REGISTRATION. 


After selecting BBS REGISTRATION as the Name of Service/Purpose, you’re expected to enter the Description. It’s important that you ensure that the Description matches exactly with the Description on your BUKPPF.


After entering the Description exactly as in your BUKPPF, the next box, you’re expected to type in the Amout to Pay (₦). Make sure the Amount to Pay matches exactly with the Amount on your BUKPPF.


After you’ve type in the exact Amount as shown in your BUKPPF, the next step is for you to type in your Registration No.

Please make sure that the Registration No. matches exactly with the Registration Number shown in your BUKPPF.


Type in your BUKPPF ID. Ensure that the BUKPPF ID matches exactly with the BUKPPF ID which is on your BUKPPF.


The next box will ask you to type in the Payer’s Full Name. Make sure the Payer’s Full Name matches exactly with the Payer’s Full Name as displayed on your BUKPPF.


You’re required and expected to enter the Payer’s Email on the next box. Ensure that the Payer’s Email matches exactly with the Payer’s Email on your BUKPPF.


The next blank box requires you to enter the Payer’s Phone number. Make sure that the Payer’s Phone matches exactly with the Payer’s Phone which is displayed on your BUKPPF.


For verification purposes, you are to enter the character displayed in the box. Enter the characters of the image before proceeding to payment.


It’s very important for you to note here, that all the information which you’ve entered matches exactly with what is in your BUKPPF. Any inconsistency, error or misspell may delay or invalidate your registration. After confirming that all the entries which you made are correct, click on Proceed to Payment Button.


Your Remita Retrieval Reference (RRR) is generated and the following invoice is displayed.

Bayero University, Kano BUK Payment Procedure


You can click on “View Payment Details” to see your payments details.


You can use any of the payment options as indicated below (make sure to use your RRR correctly). Usually, I prefer using Mastercard, for payment of school fees.

Bayero University, Kano Payment Procedure


Please ensure that after you’ve successfully made payment, that you print out the invoice.

You are advised to print your Remita Invoice and compare the information with that of your BUKPPF and make sure that information on both are the same.

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Late payment would attract extra charges and failure to pay the BUK School fees on time would lead to the student inability to seat for their semester examination.

We advise you to bookmark this page and always check here for more guideline and updates.

I hope you have carefully read and understand the actual amount payable as BUK school fees For New And Returning/Non-Nigerians Students

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