Fidelity Bank Transfer Code | How To Transfer Money, Buy Airtime, Check Balance, Pay Bills And Others via USSD Code [Updated]

Latest update on Fidelity Bank Transfer Code: This post will focus on everything you need to know on how you can successfully transfer money from Fidelity Bank to another bank, check your account balance, recharge card, pay bills and other functions Via Fidelity Bank USSD Code Method. it’s very fast and easy, Continue reading for more Details (guideline and Institution) below:

Fidelity Bank

Fidelity Bank Plc., is a commercial bank in Nigeria, established in 1988. It is licensed as a commercial bank with international authorization, by the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN), the national banking regulator. Headquartered in Lagos, Nigeria.

How to Transfer Money from Fidelity Bank Via USSD Code

Do you want to transfer money from your Fidelity Bank account to another bank using the fidelity bank transfer code? If yes, then this article is exactly what you need.

What is Mobile Banking?

Mobile banking or USSD banking is just a way of completing all your bank transactions from the comforts of your home, using your mobile phone.

Mobile banking has been at its best in Nigeria. Happily, Nigerian banks have embraced it very well. It is fast, proficient, and smart.

Mobile banking has gotten to a point of its simplicity, bringing all your bank commands to one place, where you can make transfers, check account balance and carry out other transactions.

Fidelity Bank Transfer USSD Code

The Fidelity Bank transfer code is *770#. You can access this code from any network.  Note that you can only use your registered phone number with the bank to access the *770# services.

Features And Benefits Of Using Fidelity Bank Transfer Code

Below contains the list and features of using Fidelity Bank USSD codes:

  • Quick access
  • Convenient
  • Secure
  • It is the easy way of Banking
  • You don’t need an internet connection
  • Account opening
  • You can transfer money to other banks
  • Check balance
  • Buy airtime
  • Bill payment e.g PHCN, Cable TV bill, etc.
  • Account balance inquiry
  • Merchant payment and so on

Note: Before you can make use of mobile banking or USSD banking, you need to complete the registration

Requirements To Register For The Fidelity Bank USSD Code

The following are what you need before you can use the transfer code:

  1. An active bank account with Fidelity Bank Nigeria Limited.
  2. Mobile number.
  3. Link your phone number to your bank account.
  4. Mobile phone.
  5. Link your debit card to your Fidelity Bank account.
  6. Your phone must also be profiled for SMS alert.

How To Activate/Register For Fidelity Bank Transfer Code

  • Simply dial *770# with your mobile number registered with Fidelity Bank
  • You will receive a menu and reply to option 1 (instant banking)
  • Enter your fidelity bank (NUBAN) account number
  • Next, create your secured four (4) digits pin to authorize transactions
  • Click on confirm and complete the transfer code registration
  • After a few minutes of sign-up, you will receive an SMS confirming your registration to Fidelity mobile banking.

Note: Please it is advisable to use a transfer PIN that you can easily remember.

Fidelity Bank Transfer Code

How To Transfer Money Using Fidelity Bank USSD Transfer Code

  • Dial *770*AccountNumber*Amount# using your bank account phone number
    • E.g; *770*3498623086*20000#
  • Select the recipient’s bank
    • E.g; First Bank, Access Bank, GTBank, UBA, etc.
  • Press next
  • Check to see if the recipient’s full name corresponds with what you have in mind. If so, dial 1 to continue the transaction.
  • Enter the last 4 digits of your ATM card or your quick banking PIN to confirm your transactions.

USSD Code To Buy Airtime From Fidelity Bank – Self Recharge

If you want to purchase airtime from your bank account to your own number, then follow the step below:

For self recharge dial *770*Amount# (for example, *770*500#, to buy 500 naira airtime for your mobile number registered with Fidelity Bank account).

How To Recharge For Others Using Fidelity Bank Recharge Code

This method is used when you want to recharge any phone number not registered with Fidelity Bank.

To Top Up for others, dial *770*Phone Number*Amount# on your phone (e.g. *770*08012345678*200#) to buy airtime.

Once your transaction is successful, your desires phone number will be credited with the amount of credit you entered.

Fidelity Bank USSD Code Transactions Daily Limit

  • The limit per transfer is N20,000 while the cumulative daily limit is N100,000
  • Daily transaction limit on Airtime top-up is N20,000.00 (Twenty thousand Naira)

Fidelity Instant Banking (*770#) Service Charges

Service Rendered Old Fee Transaction Charge
Balance Enquiry
Intra-bank Transfer
Flat rate of N50
N0-N5,000 – N10>N5,000 – N25
Inter bank Transfer
Flat rate of N50
N0-N5,000 – N10 + VAT >N5,000 – N25 + VAT
Bill Payments

How To Check Fidelity Bank Account Balance Via USSD Code

To check your bank account balance or make a balance inquiry from any of your accounts, all you need to do is simply dial; *770*0# on your mobile phone and follow the instructions that prompt up on your phone screen.

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